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The board meets between three and five times a year and regulates the day-to-day management of the association within the limits of the law, the articles of the association and the internal regulations. The board gives an account of the policy pursued at the general meeting each year.

Members: Sylvia Collins, Olivier de Stexhe, Karlos Vansteenkiste, Eric Debrabandere, Fanny De Maré, Irene Nolte, Anja Van Damme

The general assembly

The general assembly meets at least once a year (on the third Sunday in March). The general assembly is authorized to appoint and dismiss boardmembers, to approve regulations, articles of association, accounts and budgets and to discharge the boardmembers. Each effective member is entitled to one vote. It is the most central place for participation in the association for all members. Apply for membership of the general assembly via the contact form. You can also participate as a spectator without voting rights. The general assembly currently has about 30 full members (of the more than 200 affiliated members).

Workgroup Training

The training working group (WGT) consists of representatives of all recognised shiatsu school members. The WG Training discusses in its meetings all subjects concerning the shiatsu training, the curriculum and the examination procedure. It meets at least twice a year. Decisions of the WGT are submitted to the board for confirmation and further translation into internal regulations where necessary.

Members: all accredited shiatsu schools and study centres, presidents: Nadia Andries, Elisa Carpiaux

Recognition Committee

The recognition committee evaluates applications for recognition from practitioners, teachers and schools on their qualities and background and whether they meet the requirements for recognition. The committee expresses an opinion that is submitted to the board for confirmation.

Members: Karlos Vansteenkiste (voorzitter), Sigrid Vanthuyne, Véronique Cloquet, Fanny De Maré

Deontological Commission

The deontological committee evaluates all comments and possible complaints on issues where the code of deontology is not respected by shiatsu practitioners, teachers, shiatsu schools, study centers and practitioners in training.

Members: Karlos Vansteenkiste (president), Thierry Vincke, Marian De Lathauwer


The PR working group formulates proposals and plans for promotion of and information about shiatsu and the BSF. Prepared and budgeted proposals are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

Members: Sylvia Collins (president), Anja Van Damme, Fanny De Maré, Gaëlle Bostyn, Hilde Baele, Jonathan Verlinden, Tina Indekeu


The workgroup EQF/recognition of Shiatsu works on obtaining recognition of Shiatsu as a profession. Detailed proposals are presented to the Board for approval

Members Olivier de Stexhe (president), Claire Meyer, Corinne Stas, Eric Debrabandere, Laurence Stoffel, Marian De Lathouwer, Marjan Ledent, Sigrid Vanthuyne, Tanja den Hertog, Tom Decavele

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