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Basic training

The shiatsu training consists of 3 cycles with a total of 410, 50 hours of internship and a Basic Medical Training of minimal 60 hours.

More information about the training can be found in the internal regulations and the education and training brochure (only available in French or Dutch).

You want to become a shiatsu practitioner? Here is an overview of where and in which accredited shiatsu school a first cycle will start soon.

Further Training

The BSF requires a high degree of professionalism and a high quality Shiatsu from its members.

For this reason, all our practitioners are required to attend at least 12 hours of permanent training each year. The date of this course is listed as 'last training date'. The permanent training must be followed at one of the affiliated and recognised shiatsu schools or study centres. 

We ask our members to submit evidence of this to the federation on their own initiative.


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