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What is Shiatsu?

Shi-atsu, Japanese for 'finger-pressure', can briefly be described as the Japanese style of acupressure. In reality it is much more than that!

The BSF is an independent, professional, national federation. We help people in Belgium to gain access to high quality Shiatsu as a path to inner freedom, choice and holistic health.

As a federation we unite qualified shiatsu practitioners, shiatsu teachers and shiatsu centres. We support and encourage our members to develop their practice and pursue high professionalism and integrity.

Our main goals are: An increased visibility of Shiatsu in Belgium, the official recognition of Shiatsu as a fully-fledged profession and an organisation that is carried and supported by all members.


Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork that consists of applying pressure with thumbs, fingers and palms. Shi-atsu literally means finger pressure. The origin of Shiatsu comes from the Traditional Eastern medicine that has its roots in China and Japan.

Shiatsu_acupressuur03-0afb2fce The Belgian Shiatsu Federation
Shiatsu_acupressuur04-31d9bed5 The Belgian Shiatsu Federation

About us

The Belgian Shiatsu Federation was founded in 1990. We are a professional association, recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs 2010. Our organisation connects Shiatsu practitioners, schools, training centers and sympathisers. We aim to make Shiatsu known to a wide audience and to train practitioners in this art and profession. We strive for full recognition of the profession and protection of the professional title in Belgium.


-  The European Shiatsu Federation (ESF)


If you would like to commit yourself to a particular field that is
close to your heart, please let us know. Together we will look at how we can develop this further.

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Shiatsu can help in many different ways.
An Equine Shiatsu treatment can be used in different ways. On the one hand to support the treatment by a veterinary, in order to speed up the healing process. On the other hand, it can be used preventively or accompanying a stressful period.


Shiatsu is gaining more and more fame as a beneficial health care system for people. Now Shiatsu is also available for dogs. Canine shiatsu helps to restore our dog's energy balance. The result is a more balanced character. The shiatsu practitioner listens and adapts to the needs and characters of each individual dog.

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