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Discover Tsubook, the application to improve your knowledge of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine!

With Tsubook, learn the meridian pathways and tsubos with immersive 3D visualisation, move between different perspectives of the body, reflex zones, classical and Masunaga meridians.

Easily find key points to integrate into the treatment of imbalances of specific pathologies.

With a version for PC to be released in 2023 and other projects in the pipeline, Tsubook aims to be participatory and dynamic to meet all your needs as a practitioner. Tsubook is available in several languages.

Tsubook, offers a 10% discount for all BSF members

All you need to do now is download the application and indicate that you are a member of the Belgian Shiatsu Federation.
Here is the link:

For the self-employed shiatsu practitioner, these amounts apply as deductible professional expenses.

Tsubook was developed as a small business by a couple with a passion for computer science and oriental medicine.

International Shiatsu school

10% discount on BodyCushion en Futons

The BodyCushion consists of a sophisticated system of cushions.
The cushions are composed of several layers of foam rubber of different firmness. This, together with cut-outs and reinforcements, ensures that the body is supported on the skeleton. The soft parts and organs lie relaxed and free. Thanks to the loose construction and an additional set of cushions and wedges, the BodyCushion can be adapted to any body. Click here for more info Click here for more info

Contact Jan Vervecken,  and let it be known that you are a member of the BSF



The Belgian Shiatsu Federation has taken out a collective policy with the insurance company Baloise Insurance for the Civil and Professional Liability of individual practitioners.

Only the practitioner members of the federation can benefit from the collective conditions stipulated in the fleet policy via transfer to the name of the Belgian Shiatsu Federation. MORE INFO

the european shiatsu federation

Together with ten other European countries we are part of the European Shiatsu Federation.

The European Shiatsu Federation the “ESF” is non-party, nondenominational and non profit-making. The main objective of the ESF is to advance Shiatsu as a healing method throughout Europe and to promote high standards of professional practice.

It aims to establish throughout Europe the legal right to practice Shiatsu as an independent, self-regulating health-care method, legally available as a first choice treatment option to the public. Also to establish, and to revise from time to time, procedures for the mutual recognition of professional practitioners, teachers and schools between member associations.

The ESF also the motor behind: Shiatsu Ressource Worldwide. This project aims to collect stories from around the world and place them in an accessible format for the global Shiatsu community to enjoy, employ and multiply.


The association aims at uniting Shiatsu practitioners and to promote practical and social exchange between Shiatsu professionals.

It strives to help and motivate its members, stimulate interactions and assist them in protecting their interests, in particular their right to work.

In addition, it seeks to safeguard the highest professional educational and professional standards. It strives to promote research into Shiatsu and make it available to the public.

we are always looking for new volunteers

Do you want to become a volunteer, then send us an email.
You can also donate to the Belgian Shiatsu Federation.

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