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The Belgian Shiatsu Federation was founded in 1990 and is a professional association recognised by the Ministry for small businesses since 2010. It is an association to which Shiatsu practitioners, schools, training centres and sympathizers are affiliated. Its aim is to make Shiatsu known to the public and to train people in this art or profession. It therefore strives for full recognition of the profession and protection of the professional title in Belgium.

We aim to make Shiatsu known to a wide audience and to train practitioners in this art or profession. We strive for full recognition of the profession and protection of the professional title in Belgium.

We hold close ties with the European Shiatsu Federation (ESF). They ESF has member associations all over Europe, including the UK, Italy, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Spain, the Czech Republic and Belgium. The ESF strives for recognition of Shiatsu as an independent profession on the European level, through confirming the right to work according to EU charter.

The ESF is a member of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). EPHA is a lobbying organization of NGOs in the field of public health. Within EPHA an important division came to life dealing with CAM disciplines (Complementary and Alternative Medicine or Methods).

These organizations have united in EFCAM, the European Federation for CAM. EFCAM lobbies actively with the European institutions and is involved in the European Public Health Program, the EU Open Health Forum and has a seat on the EU Health Policy Forum - the highest consultancy organization of DGSANCO, being the Directory General (EU Ministry) for Health and Consumer protection.


The association aims at uniting Shiatsu practitioners and to promote practical and social exchange between Shiatsu professionals.

It strives to help and motivate its members, stimulate interactions and assist them in protecting their interests, in particular their right to work.

In addition, it seeks to safeguard the highest professional educational and professional standards. It strives to promote research into Shiatsu and make it available to the public.

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