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Shiatsuday 2023 - Workshop in the spotlight: "Shen Master Training", Jörg Schürpf

Shen Shiatsu/Bodywork is a multidimensional synthesis of Shiatsu – the poetry of movement and osteopathy – the poetry of rhythms. It is an...

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ESF Global shiatsu meditation April 11th 21:00 CET

As part of its initiative, Shiatsu Without Borders, the ESF has great pleasure to invite you to participate in a global shiatsu meditation.The...

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Self Ampuku to empower our patients

Zelf_Ampuku_voor_BSF News/Blog
At the end of treatment session, while they are in an open and relaxed state, I like to take some time to teach my patients about exercises they...

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Supervision in Shiatsu

Below you find a tekst on the value of Supervision by the European Shiatsu Federation. We at the Belgian Shiatsu Federation endorse and support...

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Immunity - your best line of defence

The other day I was listening to a radio programme, where a group of experts discussed the best measures of protection against Covid. The...

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Shiatsu in Austria: a Vision for the Future of Shiatsu in Europe

shiatsu_beoefenaars News/Blog
For well over a decade, the professional position of Shiatsu practitioners in Austria has been stable due to a fully anchored legal job description....

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Being in the Hara by W. Rappenecker

Thoughts on the meaning of the Hara in Shiatsu. During my first Shiatsu course my then teacher, W. Ohashi, emphasised the outstanding importance...

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Masunaga manuals translated in English

In the 70's Shizuto Masunaga Sensei, creator of Keiraku shiatsu (meridian shiatsu), delivered four week correspondence courses providing students...

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Being in the Hara

samuel-austin-0tTA6cewPr8-unsplash- News/Blog
Thoughts on the meaning of the Hara in Shiatsu by Wilfried Rappenecker During my first Shiatsu course my then teacher, W. Ohashi, emphasised the...

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